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Rachel struggled for 15 years with anxiety and depression until she discovered ice bathing and diaphragmatic breath work. 

Now, she’s a breathing educator, personal trainer, and holistic health coach trained to help individuals restore their nervous systems to cultivate a feeling of safety in their bodies. 

Rachel grew up south of Boston, lived in Jordan, Philadelphia, Argentina, and Mexico for a decade and returned to her roots. 

Anxiety and depression lurked in her shadow for a long time and she’s thrilled to be able to teach others techniques she learned that helped her overcome those difficulties for herself.

“As a teen, there were some days I couldn’t even get out of bed. Therapy and medication helped, but I still felt moments of overwhelm. I’d late cancel plans, procrastinate until the last minute, doom scroll, and feel tired all the time” she remembers. 

These limitations extended into adulthood. She started meditating and found relief in weight lifting, so she became a strength trainer in her 20’s, but felt that she needed a tool that didn’t take at least 10 minutes.

These days, Rachel is the founder of YOU Wellness and Ice Bath Boston where she strives to teach individuals sustainable mental and physical health habits for the happiest, healthiest lives possible.

Our Mission

Ice Bath Boston empowers growth-minded individuals through breath mechanics, breath work, and ice baths to cultivate empowerment, mental clarity, and community. We offer a safe space to optimize your breath, find relief from stress, push your limits, and conquer life's challenges.




Merrill is a Certified Wim Hof Instructor, who believes by stepping into the unknown we may create the life we love. Through the power of ones breath and cold exposure , he’s proven we’re wired for happiness, strength and health. Backed by science and demonstrated by the heart, we can be the examples of what it means to be fully alive. He's led workshops around New England and now is excited to be a part of the Ice Bath Boston Team.

Merrill cushman
certified wim hof instructor


Now in his 20th year as a middle school math teacher - with almost as many years on deck as a swim coach - Dave fuses his fun and enthusiastic coaching style with his love for breathwork and cold immersion. As a Minnesota native turned New Englander, Dave is no stranger to the cold. Like so many, Dave's passion for breath and cold started many years ago with cold showers and basic breathing exercises. His commitment to the craft grew as he personally experienced the many physical and mental benefits these modalities have to offer. Dave forged his breath and cold routines early in 2021 in an effort to fortify himself against all the "human challenges" he was facing. His breathwork and cold immersion practice not only enhances his physical health, but also makes him a more patient dad and provides a mental clarity beyond measure.



Certified BreathWork & Ice Bath Coach

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition, & Women’s Health Coach

In 2022, Rachel became a certified ice bath coach with the ICCE Method. She trained under the auspices of Dr. Belisa Vranich of the Breathing Class and Patrick McKewon’s Oxygen Advantage Instructor Program. Rachel is a Trauma Informed Care Practitioner and a member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance and International Breathwork Foundation.

Rachel is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach. She spent several years focusing on women’s health and is a Girls Gone Strong Women’s Health Coach. Rachel uses her training and knowledge of the body and nutrition to help clients with nervous system regulation while trying to change their exercise and eating habits. 


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