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Become the master of your mind and body through our 9-Point Framework. Coach Rachel Lee, NASM-CPT, PN-1, GGS will help you improve your relationship with your body through exercise, intuitive eating, emotional coping, sleep and recovery, self compassion & gratitude,  knowing your body and menstrual cycle, self-esteem and purpose, resilience to stress, and nurturing relationships. 

High- performance coaching


Most people breathe with their shoulders, not their diaphragm, which affects lung capacity, digestion, spine health, balance, lactic acid detoxification, and stress control. We help you improve your breath mechanics and respiratory efficiency to enhance parasympathetic function, athletic performance, and emotional release using both slow and fast-paced breath work. 

breath work


Guided pop-up public and private ice bath workshops with ICCE Method Certified coaches. Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned cold plunger, individual  guidance takes your experience to the next level. 

Ice baths


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Issac H.

Ice plunging with Rachel was an unforgettable experience! I went from being able to do just a couple of minutes to 10 minutes in one day through her coaching. Rachel teaches you the true art of cold plunging and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Sarah S.

IBB provides an energetic, passionate community that allows for vulnerability, exploration, and love of self facilitated through the power of breath. You hold the power within you—the ice and community are there so that YOU can prove it to yourself.

Isaiah R.

Ice Bath Boston was a phenomenal event lead by Rachel. It was my first time experiencing breath-work and a friend’s first time with cold exposure. The full experience was curated perfectly and reinforced self love, while building community, and teaching new skills. Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable, comforting, and skilled at teaching. Could not recommend her and Ice Bath Boston enough.

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